Ear Buzzing Sound Treatment

Eliminate Ear Buzzing in Three Easy Steps

Whenever we hear buzzing or ringing sounds, our usual reaction would be annoyance. What more if this ear buzzing or ringing sounds become persistent or constant, not only would we feel annoyed by the minute but it might drive us crazy. None of us would like to hear noxious noises like high pitched buzzing or ringing constantly, right? This is what tinnitus does to us, not only does it creates a physiological disturbance but emotional and mental disturbances, as well.

Hearing TinnitusWhat we do not know is that tinnitus or ear buzzing and ringing is not a condition by itself, rather, a symptom of a more serious underlying medical condition which could be vitamin deficiency, Menieres’ Disease, thyroid deficiency or disorder, or by vascular diseases such as, atherosclerosis or hypertension. So to treat tinnitus, these underlying medical conditions should be addressed first and treatment for ear buzzing will gradually follow. But what if you are unaware of any underlying medical condition as you are only focused with the ear buzzing that you constantly hear? You can try these three simple remedies that have been proven to be effective, but that doesn’t rule out the fact that you should still see a physician regarding this matter.

1. Again, and I have put it at the top of my list – Consult a physician. This is for a more thorough diagnosis and treatment of the ear buzzing and other noxious noises that you constantly hear. Work with your doctor closely so a more suitable treatment plan can be deduced, formulated and enacted.

2. Do a life style check. Check what you eat, what you drink, what you do – do you regularly exercise? Check your surroundings, as well. Your workplace should be relaxing for you to be able to work more efficiently. If noises at the workplace can’t be completely eliminated, remedy the situation by wearing ear phones or ear buds to cancel the external noises. At home, make sure that it is a place for rest and relaxation only. Avoid making your home an extension of your workplace. A home is called a home because that’s what it simply is.

If you work at home and your home doubles as a workplace as well, which can’t be helped nowadays, then your “home office” should not be your bed room too. Create a different room for your work stuff so when you get into your bedroom for rest, that is exactly what you will be doing – simply R&R. As for your diet, maintain a healthy, complete and balanced diet – a little of everything, and eat in moderation. Social drinking should be put to a limit, as well. Smoking, on the other hand, should be put to a halt.

3. Check your medications. Some medications may help you relax such as anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs but remember to take these only when needed and you should strictly follow your doctor’s orders. Some pain relievers such as Aspirin, have been known to predispose a person to have ear buzzing or tinnitus. When checking for your medications, never forget to consult your physician.

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